Executive Success – Make An Impact!

Why do some people seem to move quickly up the corporate ladder while others with equal qualifications get left behind? Often the difference can be attributed to their ability to project a credible presence. Making savvy introductions between business associates, according proper precedence, and even controlling the messages our body language convey are vital tools in exhibiting a credible presence.
Whether you are an experienced senior executive, an employee with a large multi-national corporation, a sole-owner entrepreneur or a new college graduate, our Executive Success seminar will help market your company’s most important product: YOU… and those that represent you.Passport

Our 1-day Executive Success program will help you master the following topics:


Self-presentation: First Impressions Matter

Ø  Proper introductions and handshake

Ø  Verbal and non-verbal communication

Ø  Posture and presence

Ø  Telephone skills, voice and speech


 Dining Skills and Business Lunch Strategies:

Ø  Formal table arrangements and seating protocol

Ø  Table implements, difficult to eat foods

Ø  American and European dining styles


Practical 4-course Dining Tutorial

Ø  Practice proper table etiquette at our 5-star partner hotel dining room

Ø  Napkin use, toasting and proper handling of silverware

Ø  Navigate formal table setting


Successful Style

Ø  Learn how to select clothes that are right for you and your job

Ø  Gain important tools for building your corporate wardrobe

Ø  Choosing color: the importance of color and mood

Ø  Style vs. fashion: distinguish your brand, accessories and more…


Effective Networking and Communication

Ø  Work the room with confidence and poise

Ø  How to influence others and make an impact

Ø  Improve conversational skills and learn techniques for remembering names


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